When one hears that a popular rap song has been remixed, it’s easy to assume that the track is probably of the trap persuasion. Every once in a while though, a track comes along that’s unexpected. Enter Andre Haglund, aka DREZO, an LA based DJ/Producer. With remixes of GotSome’s “Bassline” and “Forgot About Dre,” his style has already piqued the interest of Dillon Francis, who has posted his work on social media and beyond. With a new gathering of fans, he’s now released his latest track, a remix of Lil’ Wayne’s “A Milli.” The best part about this track is just how unique it sounds. DREZO brings the tempo down a bit and adds this slow crawling bass that’s hard to describe but is a serious earworm, especially with a song as memorable as “A Milli.” Listen to the track in full below or pick up the free download from Soundcloud.

Photo: DMahoney