He’s back.


After seven months silence, Ephixa is back once again with an absolutely killer remix of Dex Arson’s “Machina.” The intense original is transformed into a genre-hopping, deep and rumbling tune bound to blow your speakers. The drums, which were excellent already in the original, are pushed to the limits in the remix while the bassline thunders on and on, not relenting for even a moment. The build is constructed with the vocal chops from the original, a nice complement to the dirty wobbles throughout the rest of the track. In the wake of Excision’s recent album, I feel like this direction for dubstep is much more sustainable.

Don’t be satisfied yet, though. Ephixa brings in the 808s and morphs this dirty dubstep banger into a trap slayer with the help of some well-placed chopped effects and a modified tempo. The synths are wonderfully bubbly and sinister at the same time, allowing for an extremely diverse and layered track, just the kind of thing I live for.

You can get this remix as part of Dex Arson’s Welcome to War EP on Bandcamp.