From delivering “All The Ravers” from a brand new face to the EDM scene known as D.A.F. comes the first vocal tune for the label Big & Dirty. To ensure their lineup They enlist the hot sensation Flatdisk to deliver chills and thrills with their collaboration with one of electronic music’s best kept secrets C.Todd Nielson. Although we’ve seen Flatdisk on several labels including Megaton and Revealed Recordings, Flatdisk’s second appearance on Big & Dirty is unexpected and energetic for a progressive house tune.

The song “Systematic Overdose” starts with your obvious one-minute intro and then dips right into Todd’s vocal charm. Previously, Nielson provided his voice on the Revealed Recordings track “Fire In Our Hearts” by Swanky Tunes and places the same passion Flatdisk’s latest anthemic banger. Once Nielson’s chorus is close to finish, Flatdisk show off their production prowess with sharp drums followed by three-note synths. The first and second drops are bridged together by light guitar riffs and more of Nielson’s singing and lyrical talent. Although the second and first drop have no major differences between them, “Systematic Overdose” is fulfilling as it is hard-hitting for listeners who want to become dancers.

Beatport link: Flatdisk feat. C. Todd Nielson – Systematic Overdrive [Big & Dirty]