Live streaming festivals has become the new norm and with major events such as Ultra Music Festival, Tomorrowland, Burning Man & more embracing this technological shift, others will only follow suit. While some love to experience a festival first hand, there are those who wish to enjoy the festivities from the comfort of their own home and Uphoric TV is looking to capture that audience.

The new “TV network” is looking to capitalize on the new live streaming market by introducing a TV channel dedicated only to streaming festivals. That’s right, you will soon be able to flip through festivals like you do sports games:

“UGS has been working closely with festivals around the world for over a decade, and has heard the demands of fans to have a platform that allows them to experience festivals, and the endless content that comes from them, at any given moment” ~ Parag Bhandari, of UG Strategies

When not streaming festivals, Uphoric TV will be offering a variety of content based around festival culture. Artist interviews, festival TV shows, backstage documentaries and more will be featured throughout the programming to offer viewers a diverse TV channel that covers everything associated with festivals. Although the service will start out online, akin to Hulu, there are plans in the near future to bring it to a permanent home on syndicated television. You can check out their announcement trailer below:

H/T: Dancemusicnw

Image Source: Rukes