At this point we all know that Kayzo is quickly climbing his way up the EDM ladder, establishing a visionary way to create music and share it with the world. He’s well known for many of his “harder” mixes and yesterday I stumbled upon a new remix of his. The track “Let Me Go” by KDrew  has other really awesome remixes, but Kayzo’s stood out the most to me. He knows how to command attention with his hardstyle sounding kicks and synths, and he keeps a steady flow of melodic and happy vibes throughout the entire song. There’s such an intense amount of energy in this tune, and I know this is a track everyone will be able to enjoy. This goes to show that Kayzo knows how to stay diverse and influential, by coloring outside the lines and allowing his unique imagination to shine. You can tell from his work he is not be afraid of being different, and it’s a quality all producers should learn to posses.