The 80s pop culture nerd in me is on Cloud Nine right now. Though many of us were born at the turn of the decade, the culture of the 80s continues to resonate through the new millennium. Many of us have attended 80s parties or indulged in movies, TV, or music – from The Breakfast Club to Madonna, and more. As EDM becomes more prevalent, crossovers and throwback jams have been common, with many of today’s artists sampling popular dance hits or songs from our childhood, but few have ventured past the 1990s. So when I learned that Dirtywork had gone where no one else had the balls to go, I was intrigued.


If you’re a big fan of the legendary rock band Queen, you know the “Flash Gordon” theme song. If you’ve ever watched the comedy Blades of Glory, you know this was the final song Will Ferrell and Jon Heder skated to at the end of the movie. Either way, this song is quite massive in its own right. Dirtywork not only understands this, but he improves upon it with a tribal beat in the remix. Suddenly, Queen is appropriate for dance floors, beyond someone dropping “Bohemian Rhapsody” in the middle of a Top 40 set. By keeping it simple with a few small vocal samples and those epic rock chords, the attention really stays on the drums, proof that Dirtywork is worth keeping an eye on in the upcoming months.  Check out this clever remix below, which is available for a free download on Soundcloud:

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