It’s finally that time when Madeon releases his new single. It was already teased last week and, like any good marketing should, it created a fair amount of buzz. I’m a fairly big Passion Pit fan myself, so this was doubly exciting.

“Pay No Mind” makes full use of Michael Angelakos’s vocals, playing along well with the glitchy and poppy synths to the point where I wouldn’t be surprised if the track was listed as Passion Pit – Pay No Mind (Prod. by Madeon). If this song is any indication, which I don’t think is a very fair assumption in the first place, Adventure will turn out to be the pop-electronic album of the year. Infectious and common guitar chords trod along to the keyboard synths, melding along with the bouncy and cheerful bassline, but it never really astounds me at any point in the mix.

It’s a fine song, it’s likely going to get a lot of radio airplay, it certainly has that potential – especially with the crossover collab. I will likely find myself jamming along to this song after a few months as I succumb to Stockholm’s Syndrome from hearing it on the radio so often, but for now, I’m honestly not that impressed.

P.S. Before you start screaming at me saying “You’re wrong! This track is awesome!”, remember that music is subjective and these thoughts are my opinion. You are more than welcome to form your own opinion, completely separate from mine or anyone else’s. No one is forcing you to align yourself with my thoughts. I am just presenting my views of a single track that is likely meant to be listened to within the context of the actual album. Go on about your day and listen to this track as much or as little as you please.


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