As a shining beacon upon W&W‘s hard hitting Mainstage imprint, the upcoming talent of Husman has struck far and wide in not only the label’s singular longevity, but also through most of the Trance world as a whole. Known for his blisteringly blinding melodies and genre smashing harmonic structures, the tale of  Husman is an unusual one that has gone through Prog House and Trance and everywhere in between. Too often, we see Trance artists make the switch into Prog House, and most of the time, it sounds uninspired and bland compared to their earlier productions, (which is normal, considering that they have to ‘start over again’ with a brand new genre). However, Husman began that journey by tip toeing between the line of Prog House and Trance, and while many have to build up their notoriety from years of hard work, he has already mastered both genres with his unique, one of a kind type of sound. With stunning Trance mixes such as 360, Who We Are and his upcoming remix to Aruna‘s This Is The End to his crushing Progressive House tracks, (which include his collaboration with Jay Cosmic on Universe and his burning remix to Hot Mouth vs. Nezo‘s Dive), he instead decides to marry the two instead of making the switch to create his outstanding brand of curated melodies. And that is key when figuring out the entire argument between artists who have made the switch, as people would probably be more accepting when hearing both sounds by inventing something new and fresh, (and most importantly, creative in all musical aspects).

After the success of his massive two singles, Who We Are and Exodus, Husman has temporarily switched over from Mainstage Music to Armada Captivating Sounds for the release of his outstanding new track entitled V.I.P., which not only showcases the best in what he has to offer, but also adds a vibrant twist of 80’s synth pop into the mix. Now, long time readers will know that I don’t normally cover this type of Prog House influenced Trance in my reviews, because my goal is to exclusively showcase the best in Trance. However, I am willing to make an exception for this particular single by Husman due to the unbelievable amounts of creativity and originality that exists within this one song. While this track may get scoffed and ridiculed by many Trance purists around the world, this track just sounds great on its own accord and is a prime example of how mixing the two genres can truly be done right. In his single of V.I.P., he provides us with an electrifying breakdown that first hearkens towards Trance with sweeping pads and a gentle, yet confident female vocals before slamming us hard with a brilliantly luscious main chord section whose rich, expansive timbres ring true throughout the listeners ears. Within this main section, gritty Electro lines and unique 80’s synth arpeggios permeate the scene before reaching towards a tried and tested Prog House buildup towards the climax of the piece. Finally, it launches into a mesmerizing melodic drop that is filled with heavy Electro riffs and glitch like tendencies, and while it isn’t ‘truly’ Trance in any regards, the Electro spots still manage to maintain its distance from the wondrous melody in order to bring the best of both worlds together underneath one, fantastic melodic force of might.

Husman‘s single of V.I.P. is out now on Armada Trice via Beatport, so make sure you pick up a copy and support real talent!


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