Throughout the decades that Trance has been alive, there have been few artists that have gained as much notoriety and respect throughout the entire international community than the legendary talents of Airwave, whose beautifully crafted and mature masterpieces continue to astound audiences around the world to this very day. In his earlier days as a producer, he was known as one of the premier Trance producers in the world with iconic remixes such as DJ Tiesto‘s In My Memory, Markus Schulz‘s Clear Blue and Andy Ling‘s Fixation. While many Trance producers have eventually progressed into Progressive House for a change in sound and to connect with the more mainstream crowds in America, Airwave has gone the way of John 00 Fleming and has rebelled against the status quo; opting instead to work with a rich, underground sound that focuses on the deeper, more cinematic side of EDM. Over time, he has worked alongside other highly respected underground artists such as Phi Phi, Astropilot and the deep forces of Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic. Nowadays, his main sound is regularly featured on the illustrious Bonzai Progressive and L*C*D* labels with singles such as Triangle, The Wrath Of Tambora and Trilogique; but as of late, he has been a feature favorite of John 00 Fleming‘s, and has released multiple tracks on JOOF Recordings including The Moment Of Truth and Tigris And Euphrates, (whom John himself stated that ‘it was the best Trance track that he has heard in years’). Now serving as a follow up to T&E, his brand new EP entitled Gaijin and Pain Is My Relief chiefly showcases some of his finest works in a mysterious, open ended genre that is truly all his own.



1. Airwave- Gaijin (Original Mix)

As stated in the official EP description, this track was intended as a follow up to Tigris & Euphrates and is supposed to be reminiscent of his classic sound back in the early 2000’s. While it was aimed as a follow up, it has instead transformed into something much more intricate and grand scale than it was supposed to be, at least in our objective opinion. What we have here is a stunning masterpiece that goes above and beyond most, (if not all), Trance producers on the planet by tapping into a richly deep and atmospheric sphere of musical consciousness; the kind of self awareness that permeates past the outer boundaries of normal realization and extends beyond into the outer stratospheres of infinite possibility. Objectively, this is a very advanced and mature body of work that may take years of listening to electronic music in order to fully grasp and appreciate its outstanding aesthetic stature, but for those of you who can see the light that this track casts will realize the sheer illuminating beacon of pure creativity that bathes over one’s own inner being. Filled with massive Tribal breaks and endless hidden touches that require countless listens to find and capture, this colossal work of art truly forces our state of mind to rethink how electronic music can be fully achieved as an art form and not merely a tool for dancers to dance the night away. While I absolutely marveled at Tigris And Euphrates, I am in awe at how broad scale this single is, and I consider this to be one of his finest works to date.



2. Airwave- Pain Is My Relief (Original Mix)

While focusing on the deeper side of electronic dance music, Airwave has been known to harbor a deep seated passion for Progressive Breaks with remixes such as Moshic‘s False Emotion, Quincy‘s In Balance and a brilliant rework of his own aliased single of Lolo entitled Laia’s Daydream. In case some readers need clarification on what ‘Progressive Breaks’ are, its structure is essentially a 4 on the floor beat with a snare drum substituting for beats 2 and 4, which effectively gives it a very different feel than a normal 4×4 dance track. While some may immediately think that these tracks have a Rock feel to them, they are anything but; as the only similarity between the two is the rhythm section. Ultimately, the ‘Progressive’ aspect to Progressive Breaks is to explore the unknown nature of Electronic music with a mixture of Deep, Melodic and Experimental to bring forth a highly original and creative outcome that not only extends the boundaries of ‘the norm’, but also allows listeners to realize that there is an entire universe of possibilities that are not yet tapped by most artists in today’s field of Trance. Throughout Pain Is My Relief, it twists and turns throughout the expansive catacombs of Airwave‘s musical mind and goes through many different phases throughout the track’s extensive existence, and his masterful storytelling not only contains a large number of acts and scenes, but also manages to punctuate each and every timbre and beat with astonishing detail and depth. While different than Gaijin, this track should not be unnoticed, and those who do discover its vibrant secrets will learn the true depth behind the visionary artistry of Airwave.



Airwave‘s virtuous singles of Gaijin and Pain Is My Relief, is out now on JOOF Recordings via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q




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