Once a long time Trance legend that produced everything pure and majestic, the magical talents of Suncatcher has risen once again with a brand new single that truly taps into the emotional aspect of all things Trance. He has been a long time favorite of Enhanced Music and Infrasonic Recordings, and his unusual knack for catchy melodies and gorgeously crafted harmonics has also earned him a couple of spots on lead Uplifting labels such as Subculture and FSOE; (with John O’Callaghan‘s Rhea and Neptune Project‘s Aztec, respectively).  Currently a long time favorite of Daniel Kandi and Roger Shah, Suncatcher‘s wonderfully rich and detailed world of Trance has also gained the respect of DJ’s such as Temple One, Armin van Buuren and Sean Tyas. While remaining mostly quiet throughout last year, he has exclusively moved into Daniel Kandi‘s inprint, Always Alive Recordings, for a number of fantastic pieces including Are We There Yet? and Fruitify, as well as his stellar remix to Ferry Tayle‘s Rescue Me off of his The Wizard album release. After the success of his last single entitled It’s Too Late, he is now slated to unveil a sudden jump in quality and depth with his newest track named Transylvania Cowgirl, which definitely goes on the list for one of the strangest track names of 2015. But don’t let the name of the track fool you, as this piece represents nothing but class that truly represents the purity in Trance.

Supported by Trance heroes such as Giuseppe Ottaviani, Solarstone and Aly & Fila, Transylvania Cowgirl is probably one of my all time favorite Suncatcher tracks that I have ever heard him produce, and is quickly becoming an early favorite for a possible top 20 of 2015. That isn’t without saying that many others will disagree with me, as I have read through some listeners’ reactions that the build up is pretty good, but the climax isn’t. However, I am going to have to personally disagree with that statement on this particular instance. It’s true that with some Suncatcher tracks, they lack the power and emotional capability that I know that he is truly capable of, and while some tracks do sound nice, they almost sound the same in that regard. With that in mind, this track is completely different within his usual Uplifting sound, as he decided to play around with different textured timbres and arrangement of both the breakdown and of the climax, and the result is nothing short of spectacular. While made in the dead of winter in the States, this is definitely an all time Summery tune in its own regard with the pairing of a Hawaiian slide guitar with breathtaking vocals that seem to wash upon the soul. His orchestration is excellent throughout the culmination of the breakdown, as each track effortlessly and gracefully enter with a natural progression that make it seem like one, fluid motion. Finally, the resulting drop is filled with both hopeful and saddened chord progressions as the combined talent of guitar and euphoric melodies seek to envelop the soul in a purifying light of  warm, everlasting beauty.

Suncatcher‘s brilliant single of Transylvania Cowgirl is out now on Always Alive Recordings, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q




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