Released today as part of the Destination: War EP on Monstercat, Zuko’s DnB remix is a sound to behold. It’s a fresh take on the popular “neuro” sound that is extremely popular among many UK and American artists, even reaching so far as Eastern Europe and Russia. It’s a heavier and more acid-based variant of the 174 BPM dancefloor-crushing genre, and energy is never in short supply.

The original from Astronaut & Far Too Loud came as a dancefloor electro house banger, complete with an epic build and a hair-raising drop making use of only the best of each producer’s respective talents and skills. Zuko’s remix takes the vocals and a bit of the original synths, but overall, completely remakes the track from the ground up. I was able to get in touch with Zuko, who is a brand new face on the scene, and ask him a few questions.

Where did the name Zuko come from?

It comes from a character in a TV show called ‘Avatar the Last Air Bender’, its a western made anime and is really good!

How did you get into drum & bass?

I got into Drum & Bass many many years ago back in my school days. I had a few friends that were really into it, they had turntables and would spend weekends mixing in their bedrooms, they all introduced me to it. I have fond memories of listening to the ‘Helter Skelter’ tape packs hours on end!

Do you feel any pressure to keep your production to a certain style? I know the bassheads can be a stubborn bunch.

I can be a bit stubborn too to be honest! But no, I don’t feel any pressure; I think the most important thing for me is to keep making music that I enjoy making and not to dwell on what people think.

How did the relationship between you and Illuminated Artists begin? Did they approach you, or you them?

I’ve known the guys over at Illuminated for a while now and love what they are doing with DIsciple Recs, so I decided to send some music over to them. I guess they loved what they heard because they got back to me pretty quickly! I love working with their whole team, really great guys.

Your first track will be a remix of Astronaut’s and Far Too Loud’s “War.” There’s a strong neuro influence, like from artists such as Noisia, Billain or Mefjus. Do you find these producers as role models?

Yes, all of the above are huge inspirations for me! When I first got into Drum & Bass, it was the darker sounds of Ed Rush & Optical and Bad Company that really drew me in. I always thought there was just something undeniably cool about the neuro, techy sounds and after hearing Noisia for the first time I knew it was my aim to make music like that.

Can we expect some more originals this year?

Yeah I really hope so! Just finishing up a couple remixes at the moment that won’t be out before too long. I’m predominantly a drum & bass producer but you can expect some other tempos from myself as well.

What do you hope to accomplish in 2015?

Main thing would be to get a solid EP out, Im off to a good start at the moment so I want to keep the momentum going!

Now for the really important questions…

Favorite flavor ice cream?


Bacon or pizza?


A day in the studio, or a day in nature?

I’m sorry music but personally nothing beats a day out camping in the countryside

Favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

Stay in and play video games


The Destination: War EP is out now.

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