Diplo has been such a key factor in giving so many DJs their start. He’s also been a game changer, birthing ideas such as the Mad Decent Block Party, and currently Jack U, his super group with Skrillex. But not all art is equal in the eyes of the Philadelphia music mogul.

Let’s go back two years to 2013. With the EDM boom and “Express Yourself” one of the biggest tracks of the year, Mad Decent Block Parties around the country were difficult to get into, especially as press. For those lucky enough to, proper access seemed limited, but that didn’t mean it was impossible to get good shots from the floor. According to Do Androids Dance, Diplo had posted multiple photos from the tour taken by Visualbass, but never gave the photographer credit. Instead of openly apologizing, Diplo chose to fire back at the photographer, telling him to not come to the show in 2014 and keeping the uncredited photos up on social media.

Though the situation has blown over since, a second offense occurred this week involving Diplo and a GIF from artist Rebecca Mock. After using her work as background art for an Instagram vid, Diplo once again did not credit the art’s creator. Unlike the previous incident, Diplo did eventually credit Mock, but after more Twitter users chimed in about Diplo’s latest gaffe, his responses switched from rude to downright offensive. Currently the tweets have been deleted, but according to screenshots circulating the Internet, Diplo’s messages ranged from, “I credited her, what u want me to do? Eat her out at massage her boobs at the same time as well,” to “How about u open wide your mouth and massage my balls with your tonsils..also your blocked.”

You can see Rebecca Mock’s artwork here

Currently the issue is still being resolved, with Bock threatening legal action against Diplo and his team.




photo:DJ Mag Canada

h/t: Fact Mag