In an exclusive interview with MTV, Bingo Players talks in depth about how things have changed since Paul’s passing, his biggest inspirations and how they have influence the music, advice for producers & more. Following the release of the house anthem “Nothing To Say,” the first production of which Paul took no part in, this is a glimpse into the future for Bingo Players.

One of the most in-depth interviews that we’ve seen out of their camp of late, we encourage you to check out the full interview here. But, these are our highlights:

MTV UK: Who would be your ideal artist to work with or produce for and why?

“If I could do something with Daft Punk in this lifetime I would be a happy man. No act has given so much to electronic music.”

MTV UK: Tell us about your influences. Are there any unexpected artists that have influenced Bingo Players? Def Leppard is one right?

“Yes! Def Leppard has been a great influence on Bingo Players. I knew Def Leppard before I met Paul, but he really got me into it. The album “Hysteria” is one of our favorites! We called our label “Hysteria” because of that.”

MTV UK: After Paul’s passing, was it tempting to lay the Bingo Players project to rest and continue under a different name as the creative process must different for you now right?

“The thought crossed my mind, that’s for sure. It was such a difficult time that as a human it’s natural to have those moments of weakness when you can’t see the future the way you’ve thought it was going to be for such a long time. With the support of my family, friends, management team and the outpouring of fan encouragement though I knew that I had to keep Bingo Players going – to honour Paul. The creative process is different now as it was always the two of us making the musical decisions before, but I always try to think about what Paul would like when creating new music and his presence remains in everything Bingo Players produces.”