I could honestly listen to Cross The Line for hours and hours. Zeitgeist won Drum & Bass Arena Awards’ Best Album honors in 2013. Above & Beyond, though not often talked about, is still an exceptionally strong debut album from the duo.

These two have thrown some of the wildest parties I’ve had the privilege of attending, and I pretty much drop everything else to go see them when they’re in town. After they announced their departure from Hospital Records, which they’ve been signed to since 2010, and their signing to Sony, a lot of people were worried that the mass-appeal music label would suck any kind of individual creativity out and leave them a shell of their former selves. But of course, anyone who knows C&K know they don’t let that shit fly.

News of the new album, still untitled, came on instagram this morning, with a simple picture of production/studio gear and the caption:

Gearing up for album number 4!

It’s still a question of how much material they already have, or whether this album will be out within 2015 – but we’re likely looking at a 2016 release. More info as it becomes available!

Gearing up for album number 4!

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