Sam Pool, better known by alias SPL, started in the drum & bass scene in the early 2000’s. With a strong musical knowledge base and unwavering passion, he was able to develop his own style combining aspects of drastically different genres into masterful tracks. With multiple singles already put out in 2015, among them being a personal favorite titled “The Vision”, SPL should definitely be on every bass music fan’s watch list.

SPL’s Back Again EP  is a clear representation of his meticulous production technique and blended genre sound. Title track “Back Again” features a complex beat and intermittent melody, complimented by strategically chopped vocal samples and layers upon layers of unique sounds. I have had this track on repeat for a good hour (at least) and I am still able to pick out new details I hadn’t previously noticed.

The additional track on the EP, titled “Bristol Transmission”, takes it back to SPL’s roots with some heavy and dark drum & bass. The track takes deep wobbly bass mixed with truly satisfying DnB percussion and tops it with title fitting vocal samples and an eerie sci-fi introduction and fade out at the end.

The EP will be available through up and coming label Rhythm & Chaos on Beatport February 17th, and on all other mediums on March 3rd.