If you were as much a fan of State Of Mind’s 2014 album Eat The Rich as me, then the title alone is probably making your panties wet.

“Unconscious” acted as the opening track to the album for one singular reason – it had the ability to set the tone for the rest of the entire release. With a collaboration from Blackout Music owners, Black Sun Empire, and a raucous bassline and ever more wild drums, it was a perfect introduction to the album.

Now, as Audio prepares to drop RAMLife this year, we’ve got the opportunity to premiere the VIP of “Unconscious,” straight out of the depths of the jungle. With a lot of the same sounds, the arrangement is remixed just enough to completely change the vibe of the entire track. The tempo is brought down a smidge and made all-around more bouncy. Instead of a rowdy DnB tune, it’s now this refined and polished banger that grooves as well as slays. Such a complete tune.

But as for the rest of the compilation…

Audio brings his live personality into the whole album and accompanying mix; one that doesn’t let you pause for breath. They’re a collection of tracks that’ll leave an atomic bomb sized impression inside the community, which further solidifies his reputation as an ever- growing, unstoppable goliath.

Audio Presents Ramlife Drum & Bass is out February 22nd. Pre-order HERE.