It’s interesting how the realm of melodic dubstep has slowly bubbled beneath the surface this past year. It has seen huge success from artists like Seven Lions, Venemy and Skrux among so many others, yet has refrained from piercing the veil of the mainstream. It’s a relatively “new” style of an established sound, much in the same way that deep house and tropical house were, but has lacked the mass appeal factor. That fact is made ever more interesting considering the quality and caliber of music that consistently comes out of the genre.

Said The Sky is one of the newer producers to the melodic dubstep game, but has already made a huge name for himself following collaborations with Illenium and a slew of incredible singles.

His newest track, “For You,” might be his most adventurous yet, yet it’s not even really “dubstep.” Based on just the sound structure alone, it would be closer to trap – yet the influences from melodic dub are still ever so present. The melding of the two styles leads to a track that is absolutely overflowing with emotion and beauty. Vocals provided by Melissa Hayes add another dimension to the tune, in the way only a talented female vocalist can. The soaring and bubbly synths give off this effervescent quality, it makes my bones rattle and my fingertips tingle. This is a love song.


Also, how awesome is that cover art!?