Very few artists have a story like Bensley’s. The only one that actually even comes to mind is Carmada. It’s not everyday after all that an artist is signed to a major label after just a single submission. But so it was with Bensley.

The 19-year old from Canada has a grip on production that any veteran DnB producer would be proud of. There’s this sense of maturity in his sound that is difficult to grasp, yet simultaneously familiar. “Fandango” is his first release ever. I’m not kidding – it’s the first thing to ever come out from him. And I find myself close to tears faced with the indomitable beauty of the synths, muted kicks and ethereal bassline. The drop is probably one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard, entering seamlessly from the build. It comes out of nowhere and still at precisely the right time.

When I tried to narrow this sound down into a defined category, the closest thing I came to was “future jump up.” But let’s be honest, that sounds f*cking stupid. More and more this year, artists are emerging who break molds and boundaries in the established soundscape and Bensley is one of those artists. I’m so absurdly excited to see what else he has got in store for this year.

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