Those of us lucky enough to catch Porter Robinson on his recent “Worlds” Tour know the feels that go along with that kind of performance. I’m willing to bet a hefty sum of money that a significant amount of people who saw him were unable to pick their jaws up off the floor when it was all over. My own experience with the tour at its stop in Los Angeles was nothing short of mesmerizing – everything was perfect. I was with friends, the lights and sounds were performing just as they were supposed to, and of course the music itself, the most important part, gave me shivers.

Like a survivor of war, I was having flashbacks of the tour. The incredible sights and sounds implanted themselves in my mind and I tried desperately to replay them as much as I could, to retain that feeling of pure bliss. However, as most memories go, they start to fade over time and eventually you’re only left with the vague feeling that those sights and sounds instilled in you.

Luckily, there were so many videos taken of the shows that YouTube user HuntroxicMusic was able to splice together a continuous movie of the entire “Worlds” Tour. Remakes of the live edits from the shows have also been made ad nauseum and were put to great use in this video.

I won’t say anymore. I don’t really think I need to. If you enjoyed his show, then you know how you’re about to feel. Enjoy.

Download the full audio here.

Tracklist and credits can be found in the video description.


Photo via Jeanette Hernandez