Aside from having just absolutely heavenly music, young Austrialian producer Just A Gent has a strong public image. His characteristic image of a classy gentleman is well-known by his fans, and he has been known to throw top hats out into the crowd after his sets – so often, actually, that they are now on his rider.

His recent Stories to Tell EP has stirred the hearts of many, but not so much as this official video for “Limelight” will. This is seriously one of the cutest music videos I’ve ever seen. And not in that, “Awwww, a kitty!” kind of way, either.

The video depicting an elderly couple will warm the hearts of even the most notorious grinch, I guarantee it. It’s nigh on impossible to not be consumed by the sweetness of the older gentleman taking car of his ailing wife and working so hard to keep her spirits up.

Purchase “Limelight” here.