I was a sophomore in high school when “Crazy” by Gnarles Barkley  came out. To say that it was a social phenomenon would be an understatement. From my own warped and likely mistaken memory, it rivaled the effect that “Oops, I Did It Again” or “Pony” had on the masses. It was hysteria with covers and remixes galore. Nearly 10 years later, the original still holds up strong against all contenders and remains a classic in the library of many fans.

Another classic worthy of mention is none other than Krafty Kuts who has provided his own modern interpretation of the classic, and it’s downright delectable.

Barkley’s vocals are left largely unchanged, allowing his gravely, raspy and natural voice to do all the heavy lifting. Around the outside, supporting the vocals, are a flurry of funky and glitchy breakbeat synths and drums. Don’t mistake those synths for deep house or you may have to bone up on your electronic music history.

Download “Going Crazy” for free here.

In addition to the cool new tune, Krafty Kuts has announced a 7-date U.S. tour that you would be “crazy” to miss. (Sorry, had to do it.)

The first show is in Denver tonight at Beta! Check out all the shows here.

krafty kuts tour