I’ve known and supported Clyde Machine for nearly as long as I’ve been interested in electronic music. He’s a smaller artist who I’ve seen grow and mature into a talented producer, and I’m very honored to premiere a track from his forthcoming Correct Me If I’m Wrong EP on Better Than Records.

“Valkyrie Light” is the first track on the EP, a stellar post-apocalyptic dubstep tune. The soaring lead synths give off a feeling of impending doom and terror, while the modulated bassline and crisp drums are reminiscent of a future sci-fi thriller. The backing vocals, chopped up and spliced throughout the tune, help to add to the sense of futurism and suspense before the drops. The piano, as well, in the outro is a welcome and magnificent touch – a great way to put a “period” at the end of an otherwise great tune.

One of the gripes that I have with “Valkyrie Light” is that many of the sounds within the track sound “immature,” for lack of a better word. There’s a lot that can be done to improve on the overall sound and execution of the track, though the design of it does work brilliantly.

Correct Me If I’m Wrong drops on March 2nd. Visit Clyde Machine’s website for more details.