If melody is your desire, you’ve come to the right place.

Baltimore-duo Secret Panda Society infuse their tracks with a hearty dose of melody with each and every production, whether it’s progressive house, dubstep or otherwise. The chord progressions are sweet and sultry and leave you with a song stuck in your head for days. Seriously, I’ve been whistling the main melody to the title track of their new Little Storm EP for days.

Four tracks featuring varying genres and styles make up this work, with added vocal accompaniment from Jessica Main and Ayana. While Ayana’s voice was a great addition to “Heartbeats,” a heavy melodic dub track, the two tracks with Jessica Main were the true earworms of the release. “Little Storm” and “Not Enough” are prog house gems that continue to impress and amaze me with their intricacies and upbeat rhythms. The synths work to great effect on creating a happy atmosphere with bubbly and punchy kicks, something that can make anyone get up, dance, and pump their arms.

My one criticism of “Not Enough” is that I wish the bridge in the middle weren’t as long – at over a minute, I admit I began to lost interest and had to skip forward to the next infectious drop. Aside from that, “Secret Society” stands out from the rest. After a flurry of beautiful synths and intricate melodies, “Secret Society” is a tearout dubstep banger, the sole intent of which is to thrash listeners and destroy dancefloors. However, even within this absolutely grimey tune, the underlying melody (faint as it is) acts as a glue that keeps the whole track moving along in quite a productive manner.

Grab the EP on iTunes here – and you can still download the title track “Little Storm” for free here.