Five music makers. One graphic designer. One challenge: to create a new & unique piece of artwork each week, for three months.

This is the High Noon Artist Pact; if you don’t know that name by now, you need to get acquainted. They’ve taken ‘practice makes perfect’ to a whole new level and the differences in their skill levels at the end of this challenge  compared to when they began will be like night and day. Each week, a word of inspiration will be chosen to give the artists a loose idea of what to base their creation on. The rest is up to them. We’ll be covering the entirety of the challenge, so you can watch (and hear) its full development here.

To get you started, check out the music from last week’s leg of the challenge below; read on to meet the artists themselves and get an earful of this week’s tunes!


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For the the third installment, the inspirational word was ‘ferment’. We could see this being a challenging headspace to start with, but the High Noon crew stepped up and came through with another batch of weird and wonky dance floor smashers. The sound design on display here fits the theme like a glove, with wet, bubbly pads and synth patterns floating over heavy, resonant bass lines. As fermentation is a process of transformation, these tunes progress and fluctuate until the very last note. Molly Brooks‘ cover art for this round of the challenge is spot on as well, with neon colored bacterial cultures and viral pathogens floating in sick, sweet harmony.
Check out the tunes below and see what a couple of the artists had to say about their take on ‘Ferment’!
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Ferment was very challenging. Pair that with moving all week and it was EXTREMELY challenging! So, the meaning I took was kind of like alchemy. Through a natural process, you come out with something different than when you started . Much like my week , much like this track.
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I had a lot of trouble figuring out where to go with ‘ferment’. And finally I stopped over analyzing it and broke it down: fermentation, to me – is weird. So I grabbed the Moog and made a weird synth patch to build on. The rest fell into place after.

Our favorite tune from this week was Chase Manhattan‘s ‘Goop’. What was yours?

Also, you may have noticed that one member of the crew is missing on this leg of the challenge. Where’s LIPSRVC you ask? Well, life is crazy and sometimes it overwhelms even the best of us; some personal stuff came up and he was unable to make the submission deadline for Week 3. Not to worry though, his balls have been thoroughly busted by the rest of the artists and he’ll definitely be making an appearance on Week 4!

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