Ableton‘s popularity these days is at an all time high. With an almost seamless blend of production and performance aspects and capabilities, Live is the DAW of choice for both veteran and amateur artists the world over. And while Live 9 was a massive step up from its predecessor, the people behind this stellar program are always looking to improve their product.

That brings us to today’s announcement of Live 9.2. The update includes background enhancements such as improved latency for third party programs and Max for Live, as well as a new and improved tuner to ease the use of external hardware and instruments. They also made more heavy handed improvements like reworking the audio warping engine; it now has much more efficient auto-warping for fixed-tempo tracks (aka most EDM) and better downbeat detection. Most impressively, the Ableton Push has been given an extra boost as well. The controller now comes equipped with a new mod wheel via the touch strip, as well as the ability to use all 64 pads as drum sequencers.

The update is currently in public beta and will be available for free once it has been officially released. What we’ve touched on here is really just the tip of the iceberg, so make sure to check out the full update announcement on Ableton‘s website; in the meantime, peep this video of Mad Zach testing out the new and improved Ableton Push.

[Source: Dancing Astronaut]