Ever hear of those horror stories about EDC Vegas festival goers getting stuck in the parking lots and roads for over 2 hours everyday? Well apparently Insomniac has finally heard those cries as well.

For its 2015 edition, EDC Vegas is offering Premier Parking and Shuttles as a way to allow easier access to the festival for its headliners. Premier Parking passes will cost $130 per car after fees, and will get you right up to the front of the S Gate entrance.

As for  the Shuttle Passes, they will cost $101.20 after fees and are good for the entire weekend. There are various stops along the strip and one downtown. You must pick one stop to use for the entire weekend.

While it may seem overpriced to charge $120 for a parking spot, it sure does beat the alternatives of having to walk miles to get to the festival.


Source: GDE
Image via Insomniac