Before Calvin Harris was posing for Armani, he was just a burgeoning DJ with a certified gold record called I Created Disco. He was this lanky 22-year old who was just getting his start touring with Groove Armada and Faithless. His hair was still shaggy and unkempt and he was genuinely funny to boot. Right around the time that Ready for the Weekend was released, Calvin did this funny promotional video (that didn’t really promote anything other than his brand) involving a ‘MTV Cribs’-style tour of his temporary lodging – a hotel room.

The candid video is quite a breath of fresh air for the now superstar DJ, showing a much more open and charming young man than a multi-million dollar producer. His comedy is most at play as he goes around the room and picks out random everyday objects and describes briefly how he came into possession of these “special items.” There are some real gems here, folks.

“This lamp was made by the Queen … when she fought … in the Navy”

“This is my TV. When I’m relaxing, when I’m chilling out I like to sit and watch TV. It’s a Phillips. That’s how we do”

“This is a vent. That’s to, uh… take away all of the foul smells when I take a shit in my bathroom”

“18 inch rims on that fucker”

Check it out below.


H/T: inthemix