Alesso‘s newest single has been generating a serious amount of the buzz. Though rumors have been circulating that his latest track “Cool” features a sample that strongly resembles Kylie Minogue‘s “Get Outta My Way,” his team confirmed that the sample received the official thumbs up from the pop star, giving this track an even bigger boost. As we know from previous videos, Alesso really goes all out for a music video. Instead of doing something avant garde like he did with “Tear the Roof Off,” the Swedish megastar shows off a sillier side in his new music video for “Cool.” This time around, Alesso undergoes a major transformation, from ultra-chic DJ to ultra geek at a California high school set in the 80s. It’s almost too good of a job, especially when he starts rehearsing his moves for the big dance. Still, it’s a riot to watch Alesso slide and spin through high school in the hopes of impressing his teacher, who he has some risqué thoughts of in the video. Fans will love seeing a different side of this talented DJ/producer responsible for such a catchy tune like “Cool.”