Love is such a fickle thing, as anyone will tell you. Sometimes it can bring great joy, or great heartache. The same can be said for songs about love. Above & Beyond’s “Sun and Moon,” is melancholy, but Borgeous & Shaun Frank’s “This Could Be Love” is sweet. And if the original is sweet, then RZZO’s remix will give you a cavity.

This up and coming producer¬†brings something totally different to the table. The drop has this melody that can only be described as childish; like something you’d hear in a infant’s mobile or toy. It’s light and playful, falling in line perfectly with Delaney Jane’s airy vocals. ¬†There’s something to be said about a song that gets transformed from a club banger to an innocent tune without losing its playability. For all the lovers and dreamers out there, RZZO’s remix is definitely for you.