The Italian Stallion Spada is what I like to call a Tracklist producer. His deep and melodic sound literally beckons you mid-mix to check the tracklist. Fittingly so, one of my first true introductions to Spada came from another melodic genius’s mix, The Magician and his Magic Tapes. The tune “Red Velvet Dress” was an incredibly fitting intro to this artist and today, I’m very excited to be able to bring you another legendary piece, “Sun Sun Sun.”

 If you’ve heard Spada’s work before you will quickly recognize his signature stringy plucks that toe the line between organic instrument and synthesized bliss. It is one of the more interesting sounds I’ve heard employed in the melodic house field which as of late has felt like a copy-cat circus. However, “Sun Sun Sun” stands as a unique island in the sea of tropical and melodic house. It carries a sense of melancholy seriousness, but balances that with what I would describe as spring feelings, which is a fitting soundtrack to the thawing of life and the world around us. The bridges feel like a true intermission from the bouncing hook and holds a sense of atmosphere that builds the unique character of this song.

While Spada’s name and brand continue to grow, this artist has already proved his underground credo with artist support ranging from John Digweed to Dubfire, including a recent official remix for Zhu’s smash hit ‘Faded.’ So, let the sun shine down and peep the track below.