Welcome to another rhythmic edition of Your EDM‘s Tech Selections! This week we start off nice and Deep before slowly simmering through a couple of prime, Tech House cuts. Finally, we head on over to the darker side of EDM with some brutal Techno before showcasing a beautiful, left field track for something a little different for your aquired tastes. Read on below to discover our select choices for this week!



1. Stefan Kaye- New Ground (Original Mix) [EJ Underground]

To kick things off with a deep, yet intelligent sound, we turn to the masterful craftsmanship of Stefan Kaye, whose beautifully rich and detailed soundscapes pave the way towards the future of forward thinking Deep House. In his single of New Ground, he focuses on a super sexy bassline to carry us through the piece while a tight percussion section and a slight dash of Tribal vibes combine together for a slick and classy single that oozes with grace and finesse.




2. Audiostorm- Mind Prison (Simos Tagias Remix) [Balkan Connection]

Featured on the always reliable Balkan Connection label, the ferocious Tech talents of Simos Tagias has been a boon for a new and exciting genre that focuses to keep the core of Tech House in tack while underlying it within a Deep Progressive construct. The end result is an example of the superb Simos Tagias remix of Audiostorm‘s Mind Prison, where chunky, yet sophisticated beats clash head on with visionary sound arrangement and a definitive glint towards experimentation. Big, big tune here.




3. Jose De Divina & Tania Vulcano & Audiohell- American Wave (Original Mix) [8Bit]

While we’ve covered the blistering, hidden talents of these three, stellar artists before on Tech Selections with their powerbomb single of Acid Weeks, we felt that it was prudent to check out the other tracks on that EP that are definitely good enough to stand out on their own. American Wave features the vocal sample and vocal snips of President Barack Obama underneath a brutally chunky bassline that focuses on pressure and weight to carry its massive rhythms forward.




4. Wade- Dark Shadows (Original Mix) [MOOD]

To kick things off into the Techno realm of Tech Selections, we now feature the powerpacked rhythms of Wade with his stomper single of Dark Shadows, (which was released on Nicole Mouldaber‘s personal imprint, MOOD Records). While it may have some similarities to the track before, Dark Shadows‘ personality is more ‘in your face’ with a darker aura surrounding it, as the jacking rhythms force your body into a frenzy with its pulsating basslines and towering basskicks. The breakdown alone is also one of the most twisted that I’ve heard on a Techno cut as well.




5. DJ Fronter- Move Up (Original Mix) [CDR]

Recently featured on Toolroom RecordsRhythm Distrikt 06 mix compilation with Moderfoker and Chus & CeballosPlaya Del Carmen 2015 mix compilation with Haidaku, (to signify the massive BPM Festival), this young up and comer is certainly getting cozy within the Techno internationals with his crushing Tribal/Techno induced sound. In this unreleased preview of Move Up, DJ Fronter flexes his Techno muscles with twisted vocals, a tension filled build up and some colossally damaging basslines.




6. Daniel Steinberg- True Romance (Original Mix) [Arms & Legs]

To finish off our weekly Tech Selections, I thought I would treat you guys to a special track that I found two years ago that has long been one of my favorite Tech House tracks of all time. Taken off of his Treptow album, Daniel Steinberg unveiled this stunning single entitled True Romance that stands to combine cinematic quality within the confines of a bonafide dance record, and the result is something that is truly magical. The masterful strings give off such an energy and life to a melody that is rarely heard in today’s Tech scene, and the brilliant orchestration that underlies the entire track gives off a special aura that yearns for a past that golden, simpler and free from the confines of today’s world. Enjoy.




Thanks for joining us on yet another edition of Your EDM‘s Tech Selections! Check back next week for the latest and greatest in Tech House and Techno to kick start your Saturday night off right.


Keep the music alive. -Q


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