A new release snuck under our noses this week (probably because it came out earlier today). A quadruple collaboration surfaces from Ultra’s label consisting of British-Canadian BYNON, Australian pair Feenixpawl, Canadian duo Project 46, and Melbourne singer Melissa Ramsay. Together, these six talented musicians and producers form a progressive house track that perfectly caps all the¬†eccentric, electric, and eclectic releases throughout the week.

The track called “Home” can be best described as a¬†progressive house heavyweight champion. Melissa Ramsay’s vocals and lyrics are so powerful and emotional that I wouldn’t be surprised to see her appear in more collaborations within the realm of electronic dance music. The combination of steady basslines and rambunctious synths show how the production prowesses of BYNON, Feenixpawl, and Project 46 have sharpened over the years.

Beatport link: BYNON, Feenixpawl, Project 46 – Home (feat. Melissa Ramsay) [Ultra]