I wrote about it just the other day, and now that the dancing man has been found, the party planning begins.

To kick off the festivities in spectacular fashion the wonderful world of the internet has raised over $35,000 via a gofundme page to throw the dancing man a party unlike any other.

With an initial goal of $20,000 to help pay for space for the party as well as entertainment; it turns out that they won’t even need any funds for booking DJ’s. Why?

Well, one of our favorite artists has stepped forth to offer his DJing services for the dancing man party. He goes by the name of Moby and is one of the most respected names in electronic music. Citing that nobody should ever be ashamed of dancing, this is what EDM is all about. The unity with which our community comes together to support people who have been victimized is astonishing and gives us hope for a very bright future.

If you’re up to it, throw a few dollars towards the gofundme, as any proceeds that are not used for this celebration will be donated to an anti-bullying campaign.