Sometimes you hear a sound that is just so full and complete that you think to yourself, “Well, there you go. We’re done here boys. Pack it up.”

Oddly enough, it seems that happens about four or five times a week in the electronic music scene. Everyone (mostly) is so consistently pushing themselves forward that new sounds are created almost ad nauseum and while for the most part, a lot of it is shit, there are some really serious gems to be found.

2ToneDisco, Omni & James, just dropped their Shojo EP on Play Me Records earlier today. Influences from Flume, Kill Paris, Trippy Turtle and other major “future” artists are apparent. However, the degree to which each sound is fleshed out is beyond incredible. This 3-track EP presents itself as more of a finished work than some of the albums that came out last year. In terms of cohesiveness, retention to the theme, and overall quality of production, I don’t think that anyone could ask for anything better. This is one of the most perfect releases that I’ve laid my ears upon.

What 2ToneDisco is doing for the future genre with this EP, I hope, will be carried on to all releases in the future. I would hate to see all this innovation go to waste.

Please do yourself a favor and buy this EP.