Kannibalen Records superstar Apashe dropped a super hot 2 track EP to fire up fans for his world tour. I’m A Dragon is a hard-hitting, bass lover’s paradise that combines all of the elements you love in dubstep, trap, rap, and experimental dark, pulsating beats.

Rapper Sway’s vocals perfectly compliment the first track which bares the album name “I’m A Dragon”. My personal favorite song on the EP, Sway’s rapping takes this song to the next level and gives it that extra kick dubstep x rap hybrid lovers crave.

The second track “Kannibalen” which bares the name of Apashe’s, Kai Wachi’s, and Black Tiger Sex Machine’s label didn’t come with a major collab partner, instead it dropped with an excellent video of an underground Asian boxing match very apropos to the song itself. With the kind of heavy bass and dark beats we’ve come to expect from every Kannibalen artist, the brutal pounding of a boxing match is very fitting to what “Kannibalen” listeners will imagine they’re experiencing while listening.

Watch the awesome video, let the bass of Apashe over-take you, and buy your own copy ASAP.

Download I’m A Dragon EP here

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