Fresh from launching the brand new imprint of ‘Black Label’, Never Say Die Records take no rest with yet another release heading out from one the world’s most influential bass labels. March marks the turn for Habstrakt to once again bring us another installment of energetic bass music, as well as an inviting switch in style for one half of the EP.

Entitled Cool Cats Never Die Pt. 1, this first part of the EP features two huge dubstep smashes, ‘Hello’ and ‘Habby9000’, the second of which having a greater driving force behind it especially in the drop sections with a dangerous lead synth taking a strong hold around the track.

Packing plenty of punches with this classic bass double-tracker, Habstrakt proves he is onto another winner here. You can grab ‘Pt.1’ here. 

With his brand new ‘Cool Cats Never Die Pt.1’ two-tracker landing on Never Say Die, it’s safe to say that bass bossman Habstrakt has never sounded stronger. Cleverly lacing his production with plenty of unique elements and boldly experimenting with new sounds, we wanted to hear more about how the full EP was made – the second half hits stores on 16th March.

Where did the inspiration come from for the new EP?

It’s always hard to define inspiration but I’m sure my cat takes a huge credit for it! What inspires me the most is usually all the traveling and the shows I play, it takes a lot of energy but it gives it back so intensely. I was touring across Europe and Australia & NZ a lot lately and I gathered all the ideas for this EP while on the road here and there, finishing everything back home in my lovely studio over the last few months!

Is there a reason you decided to release it in two different sections?

It was a way for us to represent different aspects of my productions, from my original dubstep sounds to the house/garage stuff I’ve been messing around with for the last year, all being gathered together in a full EP at the end. Also because my last solo EP on Never Say Die was released in June 2013, we wanted to make this come back on the label more interesting, with a slightly longer promotion on it.

Going on the reactions during DJ sets, is there one track from the EP that sends the crowd truly insane?

I love how all four tracks go off every time I play them out, my favorite reaction from the EP would probably be “Gimme” though, because it’s very bouncy and catchy and it has a very positive vibe to it. Crowds always love it.

Outside of electronic music what do you find yourself listening to? Does it find away into your productions?

I listen to a LOT of French and US hip hop right now, I love that as I’m pretty new to it. There is so much to be discovered everyday, I can lose hours on YouTube watching hip hop videos and listening to mixtapes! My other love is for movie scores – I’m a huge fan of Hans Zimmer for example, and yes, you can feel his influence a lot in my music! The way he uses pads and dark textures, synthesis and general ambiances etc.

Do you prefer being on stage performing or hidden away in the studio creating new bombs?

I couldn’t make a choice if I had to pick one or the other, both come together as a whole to me. I couldn’t play a set without playing my own stuff previously made in the studio, and I couldn’t just sit in the studio making heavy wubs if I knew I had no chance to play these on a stage or in a club.

What can we expect from you for the rest of the year?

Tours in the USA (mark my words here, American peeps: I’m coming for you), Europe and the rest of the world, plus plenty of new remixes coming and loads of collaborations too. I sadly can’t drop any names right now as it’s all a bit too early, but let’s just say I’m busier than ever and I’m not gonna stop any time soon!

I’ve just finished this Never Say Die EP and the second one is already being worked on… I’m also gonna grow a beard and LAXX & myself are gonna make a tune entirely made of cowbells. Be ready!