Upon their initial line-up announcement featuring the likes of Empire of the Sun, Chromeo, Odesza, Flight Facilities, Goldroom and many more, CRSSD Music Festival, set along the shores of San Diego, wanted to run things a little different than most music festivals. Promoters are enforcing that all “rave” attire be left at home, inclusive of furry boots, pacifiers and selective (but not over excessive) Kandi bracelets. The point of this ban is to distinguish the difference between the authentic atmosphere of an outward music festival versus an indoor glow-in-the-dark rave. In addition to the ban of predominant rave accessories, there is somewhat of a ‘dress code’ urging to cover up body parts. Essentially, those who prefer to be a little more exposed than others will not be permitted.


Whether these restrictions and rules are fair or not is open to interpretation. As for myself…I’m stuck in the middle because I have seen some people get creative with their wardrobe, which fit the essential theme of the festival, but I’ve also seen the best of the worst. Prohibiting rave accessories is ridiculous, in my opinion, because who cares? We’re all here together, celebrating life and live music. If we want to put on a ‘show’ and create an impression [on some obscure individual] and look appropriate, we’d be up on stage, instead of below it praising the headliner.

For more information on CRSSD visit their official festival website.

Photo credit: Melvin Delaso

Source: Global Dance Electronic