The anticipation keeps building up as we approach the deadline for Madeon’s official debut album release March 30th. Prior singles “You’re On” featuring Kyan and “Pay No Mind” featuring Passion Pit have given us a glimpse behind the mysterious curtain of the inner workings of the prodigy’s mind. All of our anticipation has been washed anew upon hearing the premiere of the third single “Home” on Annie Mac’s new BBC Radio 1 Show. Madeon explained his creative process behind-the-scenes of “Home”, during which he had found himself at his lowest. He revealed,¬†“I have this thing I do about once a year. I lock myself in the studio for 24 hours and make two of three new songs from start to finish. By the 18th hour, the combination of sleep deprivation, creative frustration and isolation put me in this weird vulnerable state. I kind of felt like giving up on music to be honest, so I made a song about that.” It’s quite the revelation and confession to admit that the producer who has inspired so many, has had a moment of doubt. Once again, as if by rising up from phoenix’s ashes, Madeon has delivered a track that not only reflects his deepest emotion, but is infused with his characteristic¬†electro-pop synths. His own vocals are just a cherry on top of a perfectly crafted cake.

With only 20-some days away from becoming officially available to the public, Adventure¬†is available for pre-order now. When ordering the deluxe edition, fans will have access to 5 previously revealed hits (i.e. “You’re On”, “Imperium”, “Finale” and “The City”). Take a listen to “Home” below:


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Photo Credit: Rukes