I was watching this random video on Facebook of a dude in SE Asia spinning in a large metal ring, one of those street performers, ya know? I was enjoying the video, just watching him do all this spinning stuff, and then the music began to slowly creep up on me until I just couldn’t bear it and had to look it up. Turns out, it was a remix by this dude called RoboCLIP. I had never heard of him before, but was immediately impressed by his sound. Looking up his Soundcloud led to the fortuitous discovery of a track he had just dropped yesterday. (I swear this happens to me more than I care to admit… Find artist > Look up Soundcloud > Released a track this week.)

I was even more excited to see that he had remixed The Polish Ambassador, one of my favorite lesser known producers. The track in question was “Sonido Del Sol” featuring Ryan Herr & Saqi, from TPA’s most recent album, Pushing Through The Pavement. The original, as the title might give away, is a heavily Latin-influenced samba/swing track with infectious guitar plucks, a bouncy rhythm, and a truly catchy bassline. And then the horns come in… ugh, just wow. As catchy as the original is, it’s not really “electronic” in any way that most fans of the scene would agree on.

The remix, on the other hand, takes all the best of the original and puts a wildly innovative and genuine electronic flair on it. Adding in some rainfall samples and a slower tempo at the beginning, the atmosphere is drawn out and elongated to allow for a sense of suspense to build – something that is entirely absent from the original. Though, just as before, when the horns finally kick in… watch out. They come in soft and below the radar, but the drop kicks them into the main focus with a slow and deliberate rhythm. RoboCLIP turns a Latin slow dance song and remixes it into a chillwave electronic heater. There’s a healthy dose of creative intelligence going on in this one, and I’m so, so happy that I found it.

There are even some effects toward the end that I would say are reminiscent of edIT. Truly versatile…

Check it out below.