As much as I didn’t like the overall Motion album from Calvin Harris, I have to admit that quite a few tracks really caught my attention. One of those was his collaboration with Ellie Goulding, “Outside.” I’ve been enamored with Ellie’s voice since her music first hit YouTube in 2010, and I’ve continued to support her music since. When Calvin Harris worked with her on “Outside,” his production instincts and her natural talent coalesced to create a brilliant pop/EDM crossover track.

Oliver Heldens is at least one of the producers chosen to create an official remix for “Outside” and honestly, we’re not really impressed. The strings are essentially identical to the original, the progression feels basically identical, the vocals are unchanged. There’s a little bit of an additional bassline that sounds like Heldens, but for the most part, we can’t really see any differences. On the whole, this is a pretty disappointing remix. I would hate to actually pay for it.


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Image via Rukes