For all my fellow shufflers that were dancing their way through festivals in 2010, Chuckie’s “Let The Bass Kick” will forever hold a special place in our hearts. That memory of hearing that haunting voice uttering those four words, followed by a booming laser-like drop gives me chills just typing about it. And as the house scene’s popularity continues to shift towards going von deeper, it seems only right that the vocal sample from “Let The Bass Kick” gets the deep house treatment as well. From their new German Bass Oratory EP, the DJ/Producer duo FromDropTillDawn has provided some deep house magic with the similarly titled “Bass Kick”, flipping the vocals masterfully and combining them with an equally addicting bassline. Already climbing up the BeatPort charts and making waves all over Europe, it’s only a matter of time until shufflers everywhere start dancing to those four words again in a whole different light.