I’m a sucker for vocals, especially when they’re paired with uplifting drum & bass. UK-based DC Breaks‘ new single “Faithless,” with beautiful vocals from Bianca, perfectly hit the spot.

Dan Havers and Chris Page, the duo that makes up DC Breaks, have been creating masterful drum and bass since the mid 2000s and have definitely developed a signature style. “Faithless” holds true to their sound, with a catchy melody peeking through a groovy, heavy, and gritty bassline. With each listen I am able to pick up more and more subtle details, accentuating the duo’s producing skill. The soothing vocals and catchy lyrics of the high-energy track are the icing on the cake.

The long-awaited single is available now exclusively on Beatport. A full debut album is due out from DC Breaks later in the year, and if this release is any indication, I expect nothing less than gold. Listen below.