MitiS has a new EP out on Saturday and you should be excited. This 4-track EP, Living Color, is MitiS at his very best, blending those sultry rhythms with absolutely powerful sounds and creating one hell of a song in the process.

“Escapade” is the first track on the EP, and it feels like a perfect intro. At just over six minutes, it’s a strong prog house tune, filled out with vocal chops and a catchy bassline. The song is slow to start, with a build up of just a little over two minutes, but moves quickly into delivering the meat of the track. I found myself unconsciously melting into the song, becoming immersed by it. The chords sound so hopeful, so happy.

The excitement is made even more palpable as I can’t wait to catch MitiS at Serenity Gathering in Southern California next weekend.

Pre-order Living Color here.