Now that festival season has commenced, some of the biggest stars are rolling out the big guns, preparing for the largest outdoor parties with show-stopping tunes. Ready to make some noise are Dannic and Lucky Date , two strong solo acts who have teamed up to bring the house (plane) down with “Mayday.” Harrison proves that he’s more than just the voice of that controversial Hardwell track “Sally,” as Dannic and Lucky Date put him to work in a much better capacity. The lyrics are a great concept, and of course any song that has the word “Rocketman” is a personal favorite off the bat. This is nothing out of the ordinary for Lucky Date, whose vocal tracks have never misstepped, including last month’s “The End” with David Solano. The same can be said for Dannic, who’s known for his progressive house tunes like “Dear Life” and “Wait For You.” Their songwriting prowess added to the perfect amount of energy at the drop without overpowering the listener should get plenty of frequent flyer miles next week during WMC. Check out the song below, and be sure to pick up a copy exclusively on Beatport.