Hellberg has always been a standout producer and a hallmark member Monstercat’s roster. He has just released a new song that further proves both of those assertions. “The Girl” is very likely his best song to date, and that says a lot seeing as he has some incredibly solid releases behind him.

A powerful piano introduces the track, before the highlight of the song is brought in. Cozi Zuehlsdorff has some astonishingly impressive vocals. She is a 16 year old out of Orange County and she plays a large role in elevating Hellberg’s latest above that of the average progressive house song. The drop is one of his best, having a full and heavy feel to it. While not in one of the three drops, the song is carried by a beautiful piano. The culmination of all the outstanding elements in this song makes for one of Hellberg’s best and one of the best releases on Monstercat so far this year.