Coming in hot is SLDGHMR with a refreshingly dark eight-track EP entitled Grid Living.’ 

Comprised of Antonio Torres and Corey Siegel, SLDGHMR has a remarkable work history and has played alongside The M Machine, Crookers, and Brodinski. The duo boasts an impressive repertoire of talent that’s backed by Le Castle Vania, and this release will show you why.

‘Rocket Fuel’ starts the EP properly with a menacing introduction that kicks into a destructive electro tune which begs mention of a Bloody Beetroots influence. We Could Be Heaven’ follows a different vein of the heavy undertones prevalent in the EP, contrasting uplifting melodies with harsh vocals and aggressive step. How It Works (ft. Chuck Inglish & K.Flay)’ is another well crafted mix of lyrical ability and brooding synths that fit perfectly into each other’s lap, though I personally found it lacking a certain ‘gripping’ factor. Then the EP dives right back to the sludge with the abrasive techno and acid inspired arrangements of Lombardy’ (my personal favorite), which segways well into Hell Is A Four Star Hotel. The chilled trip-hop of ‘Saccharine’ is an emotionally provocative four minutes that fits perfectly into its namesake, capping the EP in a brilliant tone before continuing onto the remixes. And the remixes… Oh, the remixes! Bad Catholics crushes their interpretation of ‘We Could Be Heaven’ with dubstep wrought from the depths of a robot kraken, and Fukkk Offf takes it in a funkier direction with some steppy electro and an infectious bass riff.

At first listen, the EP may come off as lacking cohesiveness, but there’s definitely an ominous feel that penetrates the entirety of the release. Clearly delving into a cavernous, industrial sound, the EP features impeccable production talent structured over a richly synthesized foundation. I can’t escape mentioning stylistic similarities between Etnik and Alesia, but only in the sense of challenging the traditions of their genre.

Go snag ‘Grid Living’ on iTunes for only $5 (a total steal). You’ll be glad you did.