There’s a new Nero track on Soundcloud. I repeat: THERE’S NEW NERO MUSIC ON SOUNDCLOUD.

Die hard fans have been growing cobwebs waiting around for their new album, especially since Nero announced that they’d be doing the festival circuit this summer. Today comes the first taste of new tunes with “The Thrill,” a synth rock jam that’s soon to be your new favorite song. While their last track “Satisfy” was dark and hypnotic, “The Thrill” is a slower, fun track that goes heavy on the synth guitar and classic drums. It’s almost got a retro 80s pop vibe to it, dirtied up with a traditional Nero drums. While it hasn’t been confirmed, all signs point to this being the second track on their album, which we’re hoping will be out before the year ends. Either way, any Nero is good Nero, so we’re happy to kick back and enjoy this new one for a while.

“The Thrill” is available now on iTunes.