This newest one from Firepower Records comes as a collaboration between Obscenity EH!DE, and I’m happy for a few different reasons.

For one, the track is just super, super enjoyable – it’s a bass-fueled tune that you can bounce along to. The rhythm and synths just allow you to kind of vibe along with it, even considering how raucous it is. Second, I’m really happy to finally see EH!DE with a full EP release on Firepower! I’ve been following this kid for a minute and he has absolutely amazing productions, so this is a step up for him in the right direction, especially considering who he’s collaborating with.

Obscenity is no one to write off either, though. With past releases on Firepower and Rottun, the Israeli dubstep producer has already proven himself to be a powerhouse in the genre. The mixture of Spanish and Israeli styles culminate in this single from the Savage Nature EP entitled “Creature.” The track has many similarities to established producers such as Eptic or FuntCase, and absolutely does those names justice.

“Creature” is one of four tracks on Savage Nature, out on April 7th. Take a listen to it below.