Although London native Hamilton has only been producing drum & bass since the late 2000’s, his involvement in the scene and pure passion for music extends back to the early 90’s. He started out as DJ Ham, immersed in the world of hardcore and hard dance. However, an early interest in old school jungle and love of all aspects of DnB led him to try his hand at producing it himself. Almost immediately, Hamilton’s early DnB was noticed by Andy C, and he has been a devoted member of the RAM family ever since.

“Track 8”, Hamilton’s newest song from his upcoming EP, is a glowing example of Hamilton’s versatility and meticulous skill. The song opens with an echoing, distorted tune, reminiscent of a low battery warning on an old cellphone or Jason Statham’s ringtone in the movie Crank. It then gradually builds up momentum and drops into fast-paced, energetic breakbeat percussion. The mechanical flute-like melody is complemented perfectly by a deep bassline, with hypnotic slowed synths akin to the intro placed strategically throughout.

The Feel the Fury/Track 8 EP will be available starting March 29th (Pre-order now). Listen to “Track 8” below, immediately following it’s world premiere on Annie Mac‘s BBC Radio 1 show.