It was recently announced that Paris Hilton is set to headline Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI. Music fanatics everywhere immediately became enraged knowing implicitly that someone of a much more renowned musical title should have been considered for one of America’s premier music festivals. I don’t want to bash on Hilton, because I believe everybody has the right to explore different things and get immersed into different cultures. But for Hilton to call herself a DJ? I mean, the girl has got a long way to go to be up to par with some of EDM’s greatest, so it makes you wonder, what are people thinking booking such “acts”? Thomas Neill, a concerned citizen, created a petition on urging fans to protest and get Hilton off of the lineup, saying,

“This is a middle finger to anyone who paid to go this festival. You claim to be one of the premier festivals in America and then you go ahead and hire someone like Paris Hilton.” has been known for impacting causes way more significant than this one, so it’s interesting to see what the outcome of this fiasco will be.

For more information, visit to view the petition.


Picture by Splash News